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Jackson Hawkins

Jackson Hawkins, Assistant Professor of Practice


Jackson Hawkins received a Master of Fine Arts from the Tyler School of Art and Architecture and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Louisville’s Allen R. Hite Institute along with minors in Pan-African Studies and Art History. He was previously an instructor in the glass department at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture. Currently, he is the Assistant Professor of Practice in Glass at Southern Illinois University. His research and work focuses on the interaction of light and surface through refraction, reflection, absorption, and resonance. He proposes questions about the ways in which material understanding is dependent upon both our perception of reality and point of personal perspective. This approach to the boundaries of our reality and its components utilizes diverse dialogues in material science, physics, and philosophy and poses larger questions about the limitations established by our agreed upon reality. The membrane of space between these spaces causes what was once familiar to begin to stretch, periodically tear, and appear dramatically transmuted to how we have known it.

Jackson Hawkins

Phone: 618-453-7219
Office: Pulliam Hall
Industrial Wing 14C

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