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Our three unique minors provide creative experience and knowledge to set you apart in your field.

By taking just a few extra classes, you could get a minor in Animation, Cinema, or Visual and Screen Cultures. These minors let you customize a degree plan based on your individual goals and desires.

A cinematic minor from SIU offers students from all backgrounds and areas of study a way to deepen their understanding in their chosen primary interest through creativity and visual storytelling.

Animation Minor 

The animation minor delves into the practice, history, and theory of the tension between stillness and movement. It also explores the technologies of animation, both with and without the camera; analog and digital. Classes include film, 2D and 3D animation.   

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Cinema Minor 

The minor in cinema is for the student interested in a hands-on experience in filmmaking, with a foundation of history and theory. Beyond the foundational required classes in the minor students choose electives from our wide variety of departmental filmmaking courses such as intermediate and advanced film production courses, directing, post-production, cinematography and more. 

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Visual and Screen Cultures Minor 

The Minor in Visual and Screen Cultures allows students to specialize in the historical, theoretical, and critical study of cinema and other visual media. 

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