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Aviation Management

SIU Aviation Management take over the Control tower at Southern Illinois Airport

As air transport continues to expand on an annual basis, new careers are opening for people wanting to be involved in the day-to-day operations of airlines, airports, and the airline manufacturing industry. We have programs for aspiring professionals wanting a leadership role in one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation.

Our aviation management program brings together highly qualified educators to teach our comprehensive aviation curriculum. We offer a bachelor's degree program locally and through SIU Extended Campus, along with an online master's degree that a full-time student can earn in one year.

Whether you have already established a career in aviation or are new to the field, we offer a path leading to a variety of exciting careers in the aviation industry.

Bachelor's Degree

Our Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management is designed to prepare students for successful careers in the aviation industry. While the curriculum is broad enough to prepare you for any number of career paths, we offer minors specifically in Air Traffic Control, Aircraft Product Support, and Airport Management and Planning. The program is available on campus and also through the Extended Campus program in both seated off-campus and online formats.

Master's Degree

Our Master of Science in Aviation Management is designed to prepare working professionals and full-time students for advancement in the aviation industry. It is available completely online, so if you’re a working professional in the aviation industry, you’ll have the ability to maintain your professional and personal life while completing a degree that builds on previous experience and education. If you hold a bachelor’s degree and/or work in the aviation industry, you are eligible for this degree.

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